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Welcome to HACC's directory!

Are we in a climate crisis?
Can we do something about it?

If you agree, you're invited to write your personal presentation & contact; present what you're working on, or a new idea; offer help to existing projects.

Last updated: August 7 2021
Main revisions:
    2019 drafted <D
    20210401 established on temporary Hedgedoc server <D
    20210801 moved here + all profiles consented to move <D
    20210802 quick overview <D
    20210806 quick overview <D
    * 🔗p2c2i (CHT concept since ~2010)
    * ###

Table of Contents
1 Welcome to HACC's directory!
1.1     Basics
1.2     Project marks
2.1 ———————— HACC ————————
2.2 [!**] META— Improve this document (HACC directory)
2.3 [!**] META/COMMUNITY/DEV— Bring HACC energy from CCC also online
2.4 [!!**] META/COMMUNITY— Clear up HACC governance & make participation for all easier
2.5 [!*] CONTENT/LIST— Collaborate on useful HACC LISTS (systematics)
2.5.1     LIST— related projects
2.5.2     LIST— general resources
2.5.3     LIST— main environmental problems & solutions
2.5.4     LIST— ways of political struggling
2.6 [~**] RESIDENCY/LAB— Invitation: Visit CHT hackbase @ Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
2.7 [!*] CONTENT/COMMUNITY— Reorganize old HACC pads & Wiki (=WG content)
2.8 [!*] BIOLOGY/SCI/DATA— "Ecosystemic influences"
2.9 [!*] RESIDENCY/DEV/PR— Matching system for PEOPLE (=want to dedicate more full-time to activism) and HACKBASES (=good context to make that happen)
2.10 [!!] COMMUNITY/SPREAD— Actively include people on the outside edges of currently-hacker community
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2.12 ———————— BROADER H.A.C.C. ————————
2.13 [!] SCIENCE/COMMUNITY/PR— Biohackers × Climate Science hackers
2.14 [!*] DATA/DEV— Knowledge/Argumentation/Visualization/Semantic/Hyper Data Tool
2.16 * COOP/REWILDING— Igalia (Spain) 
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3 *** PEOPLE
3.1 dcht00
3.2 Ryzokuken
3.3 Mirsal
3.4 Lies
3.5 thorbijoern
3.6 leo
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### MISSING: general HACC intro [!!*]


* document is open for additions → [...]
* don't worry about form or breaking anything — caring editors will fit-in your contributions, and the document retains full edit history
* for help, questions or raising concerns, ask on 🔗hacc-contact

    Project marks

———SYMBOLS (within square brackets)———
! = priority
!! = next
!!! = urgent
** = very active
* = active

CONTENT — collaborative writing, organizing documents & notes
DEV — software development
INFRA — infrastructure (deployment, maintenance, scaling)
COMMUNITY — keep the network alive
META — maintain & develop HACC, also→ 🔗hacc-next
RESIDENCY/LAB — on-site, situated work
PR — promotion & spread of the network
SCI — hard science-oriented
DATA — data oriented (including collection & visualization)
LIST — systematic open-editable lists
DIY — hands-on, tool & materials work


new: [...]

Sign your name under the titles to express your support or interest

———————— HACC ————————

[!**] META— Improve this document (HACC directory)
- [x] david

how / next steps
    * settle on accessible template
    * make list more approachable:
        * invite directly
        * have people add projects they already work on
        * add existing initiatves (from past pads)
        * make a "user intro" for HACC:
            shortest possible manual, (that we already read), on how to enter
    * give mandate to an Editor:
        * keep pad in good shape
    * write regular updates to mailing list
    * tag system for projects:
        by priority, type of seek, are they assigned, etc (typical operations) 
    * dev: simpler voting/prioretization/something ("thumbs up")
       A) give more visibility to better defined/cooler projects
       B) use this in a perspectivic way ("personal curated list of projects")
    * missing: no separtion of GIVE and TAKE
* [!!!] currently not clear how to separete "HACC DIRECT"(=HACC PRIMARY), so adding existing hacc-related (=HACC SECONDARY) projects is weird

[!**] META/COMMUNITY/DEV— Bring HACC energy from CCC also online
* [x] david

HACC Forums at Chaos Computer Club (CCC) congresses have been a wonderful mix of people. At the fleeting events, we agreed several times we would like to continue meeting and working in non-Congress times, but this has not happened.
Do this by:
* (HACC directory, as above)
* communicate HACC on social media
* make landing good for the ones that come, so they return :)


* Rethink WGs (workgroups):
    * Find current functional&proposed groups → 🔗hacc-index (and pads)
    * Make clearer how to start & operate a functional workgroup (members, reports, etc)
* see → 🔗hacc-next

[!!**] META/COMMUNITY— Clear up HACC governance & make participation for all easier
- [x] david

    * all
    * especially newcomers

    * HACC is currently "non quorate", meaning, there is no clear way to make decision. (=governance)
    * no documentation how to join and fully participate, no roles or responsibilities, etc.

This "improvised" way has not proven to work for HACC.
The meetings were great, but we need to reset and rethink how to continue, to have better engagement throughout.

### [!!!**] Ties to 🔗hacc-next

[!*] CONTENT/LIST— Collaborate on useful HACC LISTS (systematics)
* [x] david
* [x] ryzokuken

Let's build high-quality lists together!
Let's encourage building high quality systematic lists together, that can get better known, keep being updated, and hold their value long-term.

We tried before with https://hacc.wiki
It didn't work very well, BUT i think we know why and what we can change for the better.
* goals:
    * start with looking for & listing existing lists on similar topic ("List Of Lists" patern)
    * work to either POINT TO or SUPERSEDE them :)
    * must be easy to add/update to
    * well maintaned by:
        * Editors, who do the work, establish the structure with META group
        * Stewards, helping out
    * accessible?
    * translations?

* in the style of
    * the "awesome" lists on github:
    * https://totalism.org/systematics , for example 🔗non-shitty, 🔗ecology, 🔗postuni

* merge existing content from HACC wiki

* somebody: "Link sharing would need to fit into my workflow ... then i rely on people and bots to relay that further"



    LIST— related projects
🔗hacc-alike ###[!] merge & release

    LIST— general resources
    * hacker ecology
(insert comic "too many standards ... let's make a new one")

    LIST— main environmental problems & solutions
🔗ecology (with CHT)

    LIST— ways of political struggling
🔗ecology (with CHT)

[~**] RESIDENCY/LAB— Invitation: Visit CHT hackbase @ Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
* [x] david

You are welcome to visit, either for a short time, or to move here for longer. Crews focus full-time on hacking, ecology, revolutionary theory and practice, and many other things.

* Cost per week: ~ 100€ / / 60€ (reduced) / 150€ (if you work remotely) 
* Conditions: Build your own infra (is available here)
* Common tools: https://totalism.org/stuff
* Event: https://next.totalism.org/
* Weather/environment: http://totalism.org/fuerteventura
* COVID: Safe, quarantine provided. Canary Islands are open for visit & have extremely low infection rates.
* Flights: available and cheap, Wearing good protection makes flying safe.
* Full info to join: Event page and https://totalism.org/newcomers
* Direct contact: david@totalism.org
* Telegram group: https://totalism.org/channel

[!*] CONTENT/COMMUNITY— Reorganize old HACC pads & Wiki (=WG content)
* [x] david

    Make content editing sprints 2x/month

Materials to organize:
    * https://hacc.pad.land (pads from HACC Forums)
    * https://hacc.wiki
    * ###

Content to assemble:

* people lists:
    * build a directory!
    * contact them!
* knowledge base:
    * we often shared links - let's organize them better, and so that we keep on using, sharing and updating them
* projects, ideas, todos:
    * collect, track, execute
    * possible destination: extend this document
* ###

Create protocols/guidelines for editorial processing of the collaborative content-creation.
The pad doesn't look bad at all, in fact it's kind of an interesting read.
Develop a protocol/guidelines to process this kind of insights into more organised content, overview, systematics, and ACTION, connection between people that last, material that is easy to read, that inspires.

[!*] BIOLOGY/SCI/DATA— "Ecosystemic influences"
* [x] david

We often experience first-hand, or notice media reporting on species-within-ecosystem phenomena — invasives, population collapses, etc.

How to help to evaluate and track the situation?
How to spread the info?

[!*] RESIDENCY/DEV/PR— Matching system for PEOPLE (=want to dedicate more full-time to activism) and HACKBASES (=good context to make that happen)
* [x] david
* [x] mirsal

[!!] COMMUNITY/SPREAD— Actively include people on the outside edges of currently-hacker community

Especially that:
    * we feel we should bring to next Chaos events
    * could use HACC resources
    * ###


* need: organized outreach

* think which directions to reach out to
    * territories:
        maybe even helping with costs ?
    * groups at the periphery:
        of hacking/technical-related activism
    * ###

* do:
    * give them tokens, make them feel welcome, tell them it's the best party in the galaxy
    * contact CCC for help
    * ###

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———————— BROADER H.A.C.C. ————————

[!] SCIENCE/COMMUNITY/PR— Biohackers × Climate Science hackers
* [x] david
* [x] sun 

Let the two communities present eachother.
Interfacing on the academic side, for example, is already existing, but we need more "chaos"-style exchanges.

* How to make sure it works well? Focus on:
    1) low-energy but wide-utility kickoff
    2) identify, list, relate to existing groups
    3) if it works out, we keep hanging out

* can HACC help people figure out if this makes sense or not

* sun: I will get back to you, when a situation pops up, that fits....thx for the exchange :)
* D: this "interfacing" pattern could work for other sattelite groups

[!*] DATA/DEV— Knowledge/Argumentation/Visualization/Semantic/Hyper Data Tool
- [x]david
- [x]nidi

aka: Knowledge database / Semantic hypertool / database of resources, arguments, visualizations, etc

nidi :"Bits & Baume works on something similar."

Restor, new major open-source ecology platform.

🔗coop-alike, 🔗non-shitty

* COOP/REWILDING— Igalia (Spain) 


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<--------------------------- (new) BROADER HACC ↑


new: [...]

Hi HACC, I'm originally from Slovenia (1986); hacker, theorist & activist; coding for >20 years; studied philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana; founded two startups in 2009 (knowledge management—machine learning—semantic web), but chose to exit them soon after because capitalism BAD. Developed concept of hackbases (co-living hackerspaces) & since 2011 living at the CHT/totalism.org base in Canary islands, a "HACC Canarias" outpost. Summers I spend nomadically in EU. Comrade of Communist Conspiracy & member of Totalist cooperative (both are open for new members). Involved with HACC as organizer & facilitator since its beginning, including at 35c3, 36c3 and DiVOC. I'm interested in making HACC an effective, actively inclusive & diverse, global network, operating lively both at events and online. I'm also interested in how it can connect with the https://hackerspaces.org/ network.
Happy to help with general research & positioning; organization & specification: development projects, collaboration/workflow, knowledge systems; collaborative documentation organizer & catalyst; software R&D + deployment; user testing & English-proofing; encourage you to quit your job & rent, and move to an (off-grid or on-grid) hackbase.
https://totalism.org/d; @dcht00:matrix.org; @dcht00 (Telegram); david@totalism.org

Hello haccers, I am a free software hacker by the day and anarchist hacktivist by night, with a special place in my heart for initiatives like hacc. I would love to help with any form of activism/direct action or technical matters. 

matrix: @ryzokuken:1312.media
mastodon: @ryzokuken@chaos.social

hey haccers, I'm your semi-nomadic guerilla telecommunist.
I build networks and make them run efficiently, especially in adverse conditions
I used to spend a significant part of my time in hackbases but with current travel restrictions, my lifestyle has changed drastically and I will sooon be looking to rebuild it, which would mean joining new projects and meeting new people.

I can help with:
 * Infrastructure (especially network and hosting)
 * Low level / system programming
 * Understanding ecosystems
 * Direct action

matrix: @mirsal:1312.media

Crew & Comrade at CHT hackbase (https://totalism.org), artist & organizer from Antwerp, Belgium.
→ lies@totalism.org
Hello HACC,
I am a BE & CHT-based artist, organizer & comrade in the communist-conspiracy. In 2020 I set up extra body, a legal entity to support the Totalist Cooperative, in which I am also an active member. In the past I've been running different self-organized art-groupations (art-collectives, -spaces, -coops, -kitchens- & cooking-settings, etc). I have experience in exhibition-making and use curation, theather/scenography and DIY publishing for transmedia storytelling and- ultimately - as an educational method.
I would love to help by using my not-so-technical skills to tactilely (re)present HACC projects & materials for a broad audience and produce exhibition-like formats to do so. Also I'd like to help with developing educational projects around environmental ecology & lifestyle.
    [→] Currently I'm working on a project called "embedded ecology", which will be one of the labs of the CHT residency @Kunsthal Gent. I will be interviewing (natural) scientists about their observation & experimentation techniques, which will result in a educational program (for ~age groups) and a publication that should encourage (future) citizen scientists to develop a curious and embedded relation with their environment.
    It would be great if the project could be developed under (the) HACC (label ?)

activist, developer (somewhat burned out), failing university. open source/open hardware freak, learning a lot of (power)electronics and Public Adress/event technology lately

Been an "offline" activist and creative for a while now, currently learning by doing infra for local activists. Ubuntu + docker is where I know some stuff. I also do media production (audio, video, photo, graphics) and can help with that.

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