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Write down ideas, thoughts here first.
After refinement and tightening up they can be moved to the wiki and should be marked or removed here.

ΒΆ*** Future projects

* Establish some kind of sponsorship model were you can "save" a certain area through change of behaviour
** For the 1.5°C target (420Gt CO2) we only have around 830 g_CO2/m^2 (surface of the earth) left (at the beginning of 2018)

* Some kind of gamification for promoting change of behaviour would be interesting

* Identify and promote ways to make our hacking/tinkering with hardware and software more sustainable
** Lower energy consumption of devices or find alternative (sustainable) energy sources
** The production and shipping of hardware also needs resources

* Find ways to help the public transport sector

* Establish or cooperate with a knowledge base platform concerning climate change

* Research if there is a sweet spot between decentralising networks (a good thing) and the related higher energy consumption
** How decentralized should be a network?
** Make it easier to find low-carbon products by distributing catalog observations over these networks (privately or publicly).

* Help hacker and maker spaces with switching to grenn energy suppliers
** Contact green energy suppliers to identify if cooperations are possible 

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