hacc regular monthly: DECEMBER 2020

20201210 ~1800 CET




Also see:

    20201210 meeting
    20210211 tagging <david


[/] D+S chat about solar panels...

* don't bother with tracking:
    "new panels are better"

* how much PV is consumed in Germany:

* "supercapacitor batteries are coming next year"

[!!/PROJECT] (volunteer project idea: export used DE panels)

* germany subsidies end next year (so called Ü20 Anlagen):
    what to do with all these panels?
    "maybe if we get panels for free, we could bring them to areas where they're needed"
    prepare a project for this [!!!]
        "what kind of second lifes we have for solar panels"

* "panel efficiancy is guaranteed to be 80%, in real life they're above 90% easily"

* panel recycling:

* "peroskite solar panels":
    it's a problem
    after 10 years it's only 40, 50%

* volounteer project for this would be interesting:
    "summer job, people taking panels down and preparing them for shipping"

[/] (R joins: HACC updates)

* HACC is putting together an association

* HACC munich in corona times:
    * helped conference infrastructure
    * Siemens Munich protest camp:
        (stayed for ~ month)
        (Augsburg is still active, since July)
    * [...]

[/] * Most FFF activists seem tired after a year

[!!!] * D encourages FFF Munich to make a "sum up" after 2 years

* talking about altpwr/event grid/micro grid

(tiefpunkt joins)

* talking about project of raphael:
    -> climate model, weathermodel

* talking about https://preciousplasticmunich.de/

[?] ALIKE -- * solarpunk.de (stefan)
    * monthly meeting group in berlin
    * workshops on different renewable energy/lowtech stuff

aims are similar no matter under what name and which projects
   * hacc with infrastructure
   * https://preciousplasticmunich.de/
   * and so on

[!!!/PROJECT/MERGE] * haccer seeks platform (raphael)

  * maybe there is something?
  * most of the time it local or to a certain topic
  * https://ecovillage.org/ is a plattform
    * project in portugal
      * living in and from the forest
      * https://solnascente.eu/en/
* Collection of Projects: https://github.com/protontypes/open-sustainable-technology
* but:
    lists are a problem, you scroll through them, open tabs and then forget about them as they are too many/no time:
        [!!!] can something be done about this?
        maybe we could realize a better way to curate (score, etc) within existing lists that we find

[!/PUB] * again talking about altpwr/event grid/micro grid
  * actually realize a micro grid
  * charge controller
    * gibt es günstig aber 
    * es gibt kein DIY charge controller
    * buck-boost charger: https://www.ti.com/product/BQ25792
  * Some kind of remote management/monitoring of installation:
  * https://wiki.munichmakerlab.de/wiki/DC_Microgrid
  * off the shelf components should be usable

[?/IDEA] * we could use loomio

  * for decision making
  * self hosted has less features

[/] (we should have spoken about rc3 :)