Hacking Ecology

 Notes on a first project
 Land use change from remote sensing data
 Outline: Get Remote Sensing Data (mostely Satellite Images) automatically from NASA/ESA etc. databases, classify different land use types (forest, city...) using different methods and then present/analyse the data as time series
 Possible outcome: A nice web tool where you can input a GPS position or an area and then get a nice figure with the changes in land use as well as the data so that others can do more detailed analyses
  •  Another possibility: Create a large dataset with a global map of land use change and then compare this data to other datasets ("ground data", ecosystem quality metrices) that we will have gahtered until then
  • Might be interesting as part of the relevant background
  • (though in German)
  • https://www.boell.de/de/bodenatlas
  • An example how spatial data can be visualised and linked with eco-societal-political arguments:
 Correctiv won UmweltMedienPreis 2018 with this research: https://www.duh.de/ump_preistraeger/
 How would this project look like in smaller steps? (PLEASE fill in details and complete this!)
 1. Write something that automatically fetches the correct images from NASA/ESA sources.
  •  Sources:
  • "Correct" in the sense that the user can define the region and a range in time
2. Some Code that automatically classifies parts of the images in terms of land use
3. Create a nice GUI and command line interface